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Top Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2021

Top Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2021

In today’s world, the in today’s world technology changes so rapidly. As websites are one of the main communication platforms for businesses or brands to remain in contact with their users and customer.

Also in today’s time, an increasing number of businesses are making their presence online. And so the need for a website increases significantly. So the website design matters a lot.

Designs and features that were once new are now so overused and tiring to see. So one has to be updated in this field to stay in momentum with the requirements. One does not want its users to enter the website and back out just because of a poorly designed website.

Because the first thing that a user notices is the design of the website.   So the design of the website should be very user-friendly and appealing to grab the attention of the user. One does not want its users to enter the website and back out just because of a poorly designed website.


We 3 Sevens Marketing company, a web designing company have put together some of best upcoming trends in web designing.

  • Asymmetric Layout: The grid layout has been overused so much for many years. The grid layout portrays the web elements in a symmetrical format. The elements are easy to focus on in the grid layout. But this doesn’t mean that the designers have not tried the asymmetry in web design.

The asymmetric layout gives a web designer more freedom. The visual harmony can also be achieved by carefully using the colors, size, and weight of each element on your web page.

  • Parallax animations: The separation of the page elements into the foreground and background extremes creates a parallax animation. In parallax animation, the object nearer to the viewer appears to move faster than the objects farther away.
  • Dark Mode: Dark mode of the websites is becoming more of the demand because these types of websites put less strain on the eyes and also save the battery of the devices. From the designer’s point of view, the dark mode allows the various design elements in the website to highlight and pop up distinctively.
  • Voice user interface: The users nowadays don’t type his/her query instead they use the voice interface to go on with their query. On the website, this can be seen with virtual assistants. Well, it’s just a matter of time when you’ll be seeing the voice-enabled user interface in the websites.
  • Scrolling transformations:  The web designers are ramping and changing the way we scroll through the website. The various effects are added to make the scrolling more interactive and storytelling. With this form of participation from the users, they are more likely to be engaged and interested in knowing more information from the website.
  • Augmented Reality Experiences: Augmented reality have opened an almost new realm. And websites are also not behind in using this to give an immensely useful experience to their users. More number of businesses and brands are tapping into an array of augmented reality to sell their products and services. With Covid-19 hampering businesses all around the world, augmented reality is helping businesses to provide almost the same experience as in-store.
  • Website loading time: One of the most important factors in web design is your website loading time. You won’t want to lose business just because of slow website speed. The visitors are most likely to leave due to the slow loading of the website. So one should focus on increasing the website speed for good performance and to ensure a great user experience.

 So with 2021, we expect to see more user-friendly and awesome websites with these above elements in them to redefine the user experience to a whole new level.

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