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7 Strategies to Optimize Your Blog for SEO

7 Strategies to Optimize Your Blog for SEO

Search engine optimization as we know is done for the website to rank your website higher on the first page of search engine results. And there is no SEO without any content. The content is the most important part of any website or business.

Talking about content, blogging is the crucial part. So it is necessary to know how to optimize the blog.

One should post the optimized blog to get more traffic and stay relevant.

So we 3 Sevens Marketing, an SEO agency in Mississippi have put together few points on how to optimize the blog and get more traffic.


  • Extensive Research: The first and foremost part of writing any blog is to know what to write. And whether the topic is relevant or not. After getting to know about the subject to write, one should look for good keywords. Well, keywords are words that your audience is searching for.

Many tools are out there in the market to help with keyword research. And these tools help you to find the keywords that your target audience is interested in.

  • Effective blog title: The title of the blog is one of the important segments. Search engines always look for the relevant title. So it is good to mention your keyword in the title if possible. Also, it is suggested to make your headline catchy.
  • Semantic Keyword with focus keyword: Along with the main keyword there are other few keywords that the audience always looks for. These keywords are semantic keywords.

And a good way to find them is to hit the main keyword in your search engine, then look at the bottom of the Search engine result page. They are listed there as ‘Related’ searches. One should include as many of these keywords in your content to make the blog more relevant.

  • Internal Linking: After you have written some content for your blog, you would want your audience to read them. What it means is, sending your new audience to read some of your old blogs that they might find interesting.

Also, you can link your old posts to the new posts. This interlinking between your posts is building a relationship between your content. This is defined as a backlink to your content and is very useful

  • Meta Description: Meta description is a small description that is shown every to a search engine whenever a search engine crawls. It is a short description shown on the search engine results page. So a good Meta Description is always helpful for search engine and also for the audience. As Meta Description always gives you an idea about the topic.
  • Unique, relevant, and easy-to-read content: The one thing you should make sure of is writing a unique piece of content. The content for the blog should not be duplicate content. The content should be relevant to the current time period. In fact search engines always fetch the latest relevant results. Also, make sure your content is easy and understandable. Make sure to include headings with the subheadings, sentences that are short, smaller paragraphs, and punctuation.
  • Use Images and videos: The content with images and videos makes it more interactive and more understandable. Also, the fact is that search engines rank interactive content higher. Be sure to use non copyrighted images and videos. There are many websites that provide copyright-free images and videos. And also don’t forget to optimize your images and videos for SEO.

So be mindful to follow all these important points regarding the SEO for a blog.  You can get high traffic results and a higher ranking in SERP.

If you have any queries regarding SEO for the blog, feel free to contact our SEO agency in Mississippi, 3 Sevens Marketing. We have got you covered.