PPC Trends to Look Out For In 2021

PPC Trends to look out for in 2021

2021 is here and with it begins the new decade, and that also means new and positive imprecisions in the processes all around the globe.

With reference to marketing in the digital space, improvements and changes are rapid and continuous. And this makes the process very efficient from time to time.

PPC is a unique way to reach your prescribed selected audience. So one should be mindful of the changes to be sure of where to put one’s important resources. And in the case of PPC, it’s your finance crunch.

So we a PPC agency in Mississippi, have put together various upcoming and latest trends in this article regarding Pay per click.


1. Gauge your audience: The one and most crucial aspect of marketing in the digital era is figuring out what your audience is looking for. If you solve that, half of the battle is won.

Do some research on your audience that you want to target and you surely will get results. Get to know what your audience is searching for, which will help you in framing keywords. The PPC team or the PPC agency should make sure to have scanned all its targeted audience.

2. Cashing in on various platforms: As we know, today there are numerous ways to reach to your audience. So the marketers need to equip themselves to leverage the power of these various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the latest TikTok, and many more upcoming ones.

Marketers are constantly finding ways to foray into one or the other upcoming new platforms, to reach their audience. Platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, etc. are also coming into play for the marketers.

3. Going visual: Internet connectivity is rampant in most parts of the world. That means visual or video ads are the perfect way to connect to your audience. Because of the fact that the video ads are attention-grabbing they are more action-oriented towards your audience.
Whether it is an Instagram stories video or a Twitter fleet, everything is becoming engaging, to let the marketers use it to their advantage.

4. Voice Search: On the go devices have made it possible to decrease the use of your keypads. And this can be seen from the fact that now one can give commands to its digital devices whether it’s mobile or your laptop. The Amazon Alexa or the Apple Siri is the perfect example for the voice search.

The marketers are diving into this and finding new ways to custom campaigns through the voice search. Connecting to an audience through the voice search is much easier and effective on voice.

5. Automation in PPC: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two technologies that are entering every field of the industries. These technologies make the work of the marketers less time consuming and more efficient. Automating the process of the marketer is to abide by the rules and regulations, so that the marketer can save on their time on that.

Automation can also help in the bidding strategies, by scanning through the available data and then making a decision on the campaign. The automation will surely help to make an informed decision.

6. Smart Bidding: The process of bidding will much more automatic based on the data, which includes your goals for your ad and various other parameters. And this complete process will be automated with Machine Learning. The Google AI is already working on this matter to make the bidding process more automated according to your goals and results expected. Smart bidding will help you boost your conversion rate and improve your return on investment.

7. Ads Data Hub over Pixel: Pixel as we know had an optimum use in regard to single screens. But as of now, the world is all over their smartphones, in which the Pixel technology is not able to measure the effectiveness of an ad.

This in turn gave rise to the Ads Data hub. It gives marketers the ease to check the performances of their ads on the various types of screens. Ads Data Hub combines your data with event-level data from your Google Ad campaigns and provides you with useful insights and improves your advertising effectiveness and efficiency.

As a marketer or an advertiser, one needs to be equipped with these latest upcoming trends, to make the most of their PPC campaigns, to achieve the required goals efficiently. For more information you can contact our PPC agency in Mississippi – 3 Seven Marketing Company, we’ll be glad to hear from you.