Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Strategy has Redefined the way businesses engage with potential customers.

Why You Need SMM?

Today approx 7 out of 10 Americans which is equivalent to 223 million, use social media platforms to connect with one another, engage with news, share information and for entertainment. This number will be around 243 million by 2025.

The United States has one of the highest social network penetration rates in the world.

Average daily time spent by an American on social media is 2 hours 3 minutes, which is quite high. This give business a wide window to target their potential audiences and capture the interested lot as potential leads.

Facebook and YouTube are the two largest communities of social media users while TikTok is the fastest growing platform. TikTok was on one in five devices connected to the internet in the last 24 months.


After seeing these massive numbers, we are sure you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to bring your business in front of such large audiences.

Increasing your brand’s online presence through social media marketing is a cost-effective strategy to increase brand loyalty, improve customer service and gain customer insights through data collection.

Social Media marketing will amplify your voice and cultivate quality engagement with potential customers. When expressed in the right way, social media can help your business communicate your brand values and grow customer base manifolds.

Social media has modified the way businesses communicate, reshaping the way users share opinions and recommendations about items and services they use regularly. 83% of consumers say these recommendations make them more likely to purchase a product or service. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter allow anyone to become an influencer, helping reach millions of people online.

Social media marketing is way more effective when you focus on the quality as well as quantity of your messages. Some businesses use social media networks just for brand promotion, while some brands have setup complete customer support network on these channels.

Thus, social media sites can spur multiple relevant conversations because your audience has a genuine interest in your services.

83% of the eligible American population aged 13+ have active social media accounts.

Direct your message with clarity & personality, talk to our social media experts below.

How We Use Social Media Marketing To Help Brands Like Yours

Social media can help you fulfill different objectives, but in order to get quality results, it is very important to get clear on exactly what you want to achieve which social media campaign for your business.

Once you have this clarity, then comes the stage where we plan and start implementing the social media strategy for your business.

Brand Awareness/Reach

Just starting out on social media? Better to start with this objective, so that you can build your target audiences and people can get to know, like and trust your brand online.


Need more traffic to your website or landing page? Social media can be a great socurce of potential traffic to your business website.

Grow Likes/Followers

Want to grow your audience base and establish a more effective online presence. We can help you build your audience.

Audience Engagement

Want more and more people to like, share and comment on your social media posts? Let us help you with this objective, so that more and more people can see your content.


Want people to enquire about your products and services via direct messages/lead forms on social media platforms? Our team of social media nerds can setup and manage these campaigns for you.

Video Views

Want to engage with your audience with video content. Our team of experts can help you create quality video content and get more eyeballs on it.

Event Promotion

Need to inform your target audience about your upcoming sale, workshops, conference, webinars or other events? We can help build and manage social media campaigns for that too.

Giveaway campaigns

Want to get people to enter your competition or survey. We can help you run these campaigns via messenger and other relevant social media tools.

Sales and conversions

We have done this for other businesses and we can do that for you as well. Get sales and signups for your online campaigns with our tailored paid and organic social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Process We Follow

Schedule a social media strategy session with one of our experts. This will help you understand how social media fits into your overall marketing plan. In this session, our Expert will look at your existing channels, define which channels you should be on, how to manage them and we provide a bunch of tools to help you get started.

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