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Top Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2021

Top Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2021

In today’s world, the in today’s world technology changes so rapidly. As websites are one of the main communication platforms for businesses or brands to remain in contact with their users and customer.

Also in today’s time, an increasing number of businesses are making their presence online. And so the need for a website increases significantly. So the website design matters a lot.

Designs and features that were once new are now so overused and tiring to see. So one has to be updated in this field to stay in momentum with the requirements. One does not want its users to enter the website and back out just because of a poorly designed website.

Because the first thing that a user notices is the design of the website.   So the design of the website should be very user-friendly and appealing to grab the attention of the user. One does not want its users to enter the website and back out just because of a poorly designed website.


We 3 Sevens Marketing company, a web designing company have put together some of best upcoming trends in web designing.

  • Asymmetric Layout: The grid layout has been overused so much for many years. The grid layout portrays the web elements in a symmetrical format. The elements are easy to focus on in the grid layout. But this doesn’t mean that the designers have not tried the asymmetry in web design.

The asymmetric layout gives a web designer more freedom. The visual harmony can also be achieved by carefully using the colors, size, and weight of each element on your web page.

  • Parallax animations: The separation of the page elements into the foreground and background extremes creates a parallax animation. In parallax animation, the object nearer to the viewer appears to move faster than the objects farther away.
  • Dark Mode: Dark mode of the websites is becoming more of the demand because these types of websites put less strain on the eyes and also save the battery of the devices. From the designer’s point of view, the dark mode allows the various design elements in the website to highlight and pop up distinctively.
  • Voice user interface: The users nowadays don’t type his/her query instead they use the voice interface to go on with their query. On the website, this can be seen with virtual assistants. Well, it’s just a matter of time when you’ll be seeing the voice-enabled user interface in the websites.
  • Scrolling transformations:  The web designers are ramping and changing the way we scroll through the website. The various effects are added to make the scrolling more interactive and storytelling. With this form of participation from the users, they are more likely to be engaged and interested in knowing more information from the website.
  • Augmented Reality Experiences: Augmented reality have opened an almost new realm. And websites are also not behind in using this to give an immensely useful experience to their users. More number of businesses and brands are tapping into an array of augmented reality to sell their products and services. With Covid-19 hampering businesses all around the world, augmented reality is helping businesses to provide almost the same experience as in-store.
  • Website loading time: One of the most important factors in web design is your website loading time. You won’t want to lose business just because of slow website speed. The visitors are most likely to leave due to the slow loading of the website. So one should focus on increasing the website speed for good performance and to ensure a great user experience.

 So with 2021, we expect to see more user-friendly and awesome websites with these above elements in them to redefine the user experience to a whole new level.


Tips And Tricks For Internal Link Optimization Of Your Websites

Tips And Tricks For Internal Link Optimization Of Your Websites

Internal links are an important part of your website, as they are also considered an essential point when comes to ranking on the search engine page. So they are a good and legal way to improve your ranking. So what exactly are internal links?

We 3 Sevens Marketing Company, an SEO agency in Mississippi will explain internal linking and also the tips about how to improve it.

Internal links are any links that point to a page on the same website or domain. Internal links include all the links on the main page menu, in the footer of the website, or any links within the page of the website. These pages drive traffic to other pages of the website. For example, the links like about us, blog, services, etc. all are considered as internal links.

These additional pages give one a chance to drive the traffic to other pages of the website and also help in building an intuitive site structure. This internal linking within your website helps the search engine algorithms to understand better your website.


So these internal links are very important for strengthening your website’s SEO and improving your ranking on the search engine results page.

Here are some points one should remember while optimizing the internal links.

  • Broken links: First and foremost, you should audit your whole website and look for any existing broken links. Now, these links can be broken because of some reasons like URL change, no redirect being added. So first you should make sure to correct these and make them running before creating new internal links.
  • Site Structure: Establish a structure of the site at the start. This will make the website more organized and clean. You should make sure that your visitors move from one page to another easily. Shorten the path to the most visited links; means the links that are most visited should be reached through a minimum number of clicks.
  • Automate Internal Link Building: Building links manually is very cumbersome and tiring. And also a big task if you have many pages on your website. So a thing one can do is, automate the internal link generation process.

There are various places on the websites where you can apply automation in the internal link building. These places are like product suggestions, read next blog suggestions, etc.

  • Anchor Text: Anchor text is a way the search engine determines what a page is about. When adding internal links to a website, make sure to use an anchor text that will help the page rank high.

When your primary goal is SEO, one should use anchor text as a primary keyword. But if your motive is to encourage your visitors to take a particular action your anchor text should be a “Call-to-action”.

  • The click-depth: It means the number of clicks a user has to click to reach a particular page or particular product. Make sure that your pages that are most visited are quickly accessible and at a minimum number of clicks.
  • Updating internal links: Make it a habit to regularly add links to your new content on the older pages and also adding links to the new pages you create. These internal links matter a lot because these links help your audience to find more updated information related to what they are searching for. This will help you highlight your more recent and popular page.

Internal Links are a powerful tool for optimizing your pages so make sure to use them efficiently whenever possible. This helps significantly in ranking your page higher in the search engine results page whenever any user searches for related information.

If you want any help regarding internal links, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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7 Essential elements for high-quality websites in 2021

7 Essential elements for high-quality websites in 2021

In Today’s online world, websites are ways used by businesses and brands to communicate with their consumers and customers. And also providing the services to their customers. The increased use of the internet in daily use has made it a necessity of a website for businesses and brands. Whether it’s a small business or any big brand, a good quality website is a primary requirement.

Your visitors or customers visit your website first, so building a good premium quality website with the best interface is very important.
The website is the reflection of your business. If the website is impressive and user-friendly, the customers have a good perception of your business and brand, and they are more likely to purchase from your website.


We a web designing company in Mississippi, take you through some of the best reasons to hire a web designer for your websites.

  1. High-quality website: Building a website through a professional web designer will give you a dynamic, attractive, competitive, and quality website. The website building platforms have limited options as compared to a web designer providing an amazing experience to your users. Through a web designer, you can create unique websites, not just your same templates provided by the website builders.
  2. Customized websites:  A professional website designer will work constantly with you and your requirements. The designer will customize every part of the website according to your goals and strategies. Creating a website through templates will give you limited capabilities and the websites look similar to many others online.
  1. New Technology: Professional web designers will always stay up to date as web design trends always change with time. So a web designer will design the websites using the latest technology.
  1. Responsive Design: Due to the increase in the use of smartphones, businesses need to get their websites compatible with the mobile too. The web designer will make sure that your websites are mobile-friendly.
  1. Fast loading time: The success of the website depends on how much time it takes to load completely. The faster the load speed is, the better it will be for your website. Because you don’t want your customers to be waiting for the website page to load. Users tend to exit the page if it takes too much time, and it’s not good for any business. The web designer will create a website with integrated features and plugins that will improve its loading time speed.
  1. Competitive Advantage: With web designers quickly providing you with the proper functioning and professional websites, it gives you a competitive advantage out there to stay ahead in the market.
  1. Time saver: Professional web designer helps you save time and also complete the technical issues related to your website without you having to worry about it. The web designer will be dedicated to all the designing and implementation of your website In the end, for complete web designing requirements, one should go for a web designer who helps you get a good quality professional website for a business.

The Perfect Time to Post on Social Media in 2021

The Perfect Time to Post on Social Media In 2021

Working on social media is not an easy task. The content of your social media post is only half the battle, whereas when to post that content is your main part. Social media marketers need to be very clear of this mystery time. And they put on a lot of effort to know when will be the right time to get more engagement to your posts. Brands and marketers are constantly in the heed to know when their audience is online and active so that there is an increased reach and engagement. The best time is broken into more number of fragments like time of the day, day of the week. Also, the marketers need to be clear about the channel through which the post is to be shared.

We, Three Sevens Marketing Company, a social media agency in Mississippi, have jotted down some details about the ‘best time and day to post’ on some of the more used social media all around the world.

  1. Twitter: Most famous microblogging media platform that allows you to post small phrases with images or videos. Twitter has a high engagement rate for brands early in the morning and late-night, on the weekdays. Try to catch your audience in their commute or before bedtime. On Saturday the Twitter has the least engagement. Your tweet timings should be between 12 PM to 6 PM, to get the most clicks.
  1. Instagram:I The Instagram is most preferred social media choice by influencers and content creators. With almost 1 billion active users the Instagram has a large audience to cater to. The best time to post is after lunch hours and during bedtime. The best day to post on Instagram is Wednesday for a maximum number of engagements whereas Sunday is the worst day.
  1. YouTube:When using YouTube for video content, please keep in mind the Google indexing and ranking. The more you are familiar with Google and SEO, the more advantageous it will be because your video content will be ranked.

On YouTube posts, you should keep one thing in mind. Post your content in advance to when your audience will be free to view your content. The most preferred time on YouTube is between 2 PM and 4 PM because the highest traffic is from 7 PM to 10 PM. And during weekends the best time is the early morning.

  1. Pinterest: The important points in Pinterest are pins one posts, the boards you follow, and your audience. Consistent pinning of good quality images with meaningful description is more essential in Pinterest. The weekend is mostly preferred with timings from 8 PM to 11 PM to get high engagement in Pinterest.

So in all it takes lot of research and planning to get the desired results in context to posting on the social media. One needs to observe, monitor, and analyze their posts to arrive at the best time suited for their own brand. As every business and brand is different, so one can tune in these according to their requirements to get maximum advantage.

For more information regarding this, you can contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

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7 Strategies to Optimize Your Blog for SEO

7 Strategies to Optimize Your Blog for SEO

Search engine optimization as we know is done for the website to rank your website higher on the first page of search engine results. And there is no SEO without any content. The content is the most important part of any website or business.

Talking about content, blogging is the crucial part. So it is necessary to know how to optimize the blog.

One should post the optimized blog to get more traffic and stay relevant.

So we 3 Sevens Marketing, an SEO agency in Mississippi have put together few points on how to optimize the blog and get more traffic.


  • Extensive Research: The first and foremost part of writing any blog is to know what to write. And whether the topic is relevant or not. After getting to know about the subject to write, one should look for good keywords. Well, keywords are words that your audience is searching for.

Many tools are out there in the market to help with keyword research. And these tools help you to find the keywords that your target audience is interested in.

  • Effective blog title: The title of the blog is one of the important segments. Search engines always look for the relevant title. So it is good to mention your keyword in the title if possible. Also, it is suggested to make your headline catchy.
  • Semantic Keyword with focus keyword: Along with the main keyword there are other few keywords that the audience always looks for. These keywords are semantic keywords.

And a good way to find them is to hit the main keyword in your search engine, then look at the bottom of the Search engine result page. They are listed there as ‘Related’ searches. One should include as many of these keywords in your content to make the blog more relevant.

  • Internal Linking: After you have written some content for your blog, you would want your audience to read them. What it means is, sending your new audience to read some of your old blogs that they might find interesting.

Also, you can link your old posts to the new posts. This interlinking between your posts is building a relationship between your content. This is defined as a backlink to your content and is very useful

  • Meta Description: Meta description is a small description that is shown every to a search engine whenever a search engine crawls. It is a short description shown on the search engine results page. So a good Meta Description is always helpful for search engine and also for the audience. As Meta Description always gives you an idea about the topic.
  • Unique, relevant, and easy-to-read content: The one thing you should make sure of is writing a unique piece of content. The content for the blog should not be duplicate content. The content should be relevant to the current time period. In fact search engines always fetch the latest relevant results. Also, make sure your content is easy and understandable. Make sure to include headings with the subheadings, sentences that are short, smaller paragraphs, and punctuation.
  • Use Images and videos: The content with images and videos makes it more interactive and more understandable. Also, the fact is that search engines rank interactive content higher. Be sure to use non copyrighted images and videos. There are many websites that provide copyright-free images and videos. And also don’t forget to optimize your images and videos for SEO.

So be mindful to follow all these important points regarding the SEO for a blog.  You can get high traffic results and a higher ranking in SERP.

If you have any queries regarding SEO for the blog, feel free to contact our SEO agency in Mississippi, 3 Sevens Marketing. We have got you covered.


PPC Trends to Look Out For In 2021

PPC Trends to look out for in 2021

2021 is here and with it begins the new decade, and that also means new and positive imprecisions in the processes all around the globe.

With reference to marketing in the digital space, improvements and changes are rapid and continuous. And this makes the process very efficient from time to time.

PPC is a unique way to reach your prescribed selected audience. So one should be mindful of the changes to be sure of where to put one’s important resources. And in the case of PPC, it’s your finance crunch.

So we a PPC agency in Mississippi, have put together various upcoming and latest trends in this article regarding Pay per click.


1. Gauge your audience: The one and most crucial aspect of marketing in the digital era is figuring out what your audience is looking for. If you solve that, half of the battle is won.

Do some research on your audience that you want to target and you surely will get results. Get to know what your audience is searching for, which will help you in framing keywords. The PPC team or the PPC agency should make sure to have scanned all its targeted audience.

2. Cashing in on various platforms: As we know, today there are numerous ways to reach to your audience. So the marketers need to equip themselves to leverage the power of these various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the latest TikTok, and many more upcoming ones.

Marketers are constantly finding ways to foray into one or the other upcoming new platforms, to reach their audience. Platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, etc. are also coming into play for the marketers.

3. Going visual: Internet connectivity is rampant in most parts of the world. That means visual or video ads are the perfect way to connect to your audience. Because of the fact that the video ads are attention-grabbing they are more action-oriented towards your audience.
Whether it is an Instagram stories video or a Twitter fleet, everything is becoming engaging, to let the marketers use it to their advantage.

4. Voice Search: On the go devices have made it possible to decrease the use of your keypads. And this can be seen from the fact that now one can give commands to its digital devices whether it’s mobile or your laptop. The Amazon Alexa or the Apple Siri is the perfect example for the voice search.

The marketers are diving into this and finding new ways to custom campaigns through the voice search. Connecting to an audience through the voice search is much easier and effective on voice.

5. Automation in PPC: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two technologies that are entering every field of the industries. These technologies make the work of the marketers less time consuming and more efficient. Automating the process of the marketer is to abide by the rules and regulations, so that the marketer can save on their time on that.

Automation can also help in the bidding strategies, by scanning through the available data and then making a decision on the campaign. The automation will surely help to make an informed decision.

6. Smart Bidding: The process of bidding will much more automatic based on the data, which includes your goals for your ad and various other parameters. And this complete process will be automated with Machine Learning. The Google AI is already working on this matter to make the bidding process more automated according to your goals and results expected. Smart bidding will help you boost your conversion rate and improve your return on investment.

7. Ads Data Hub over Pixel: Pixel as we know had an optimum use in regard to single screens. But as of now, the world is all over their smartphones, in which the Pixel technology is not able to measure the effectiveness of an ad.

This in turn gave rise to the Ads Data hub. It gives marketers the ease to check the performances of their ads on the various types of screens. Ads Data Hub combines your data with event-level data from your Google Ad campaigns and provides you with useful insights and improves your advertising effectiveness and efficiency.

As a marketer or an advertiser, one needs to be equipped with these latest upcoming trends, to make the most of their PPC campaigns, to achieve the required goals efficiently. For more information you can contact our PPC agency in Mississippi – 3 Seven Marketing Company, we’ll be glad to hear from you.